About Us

MLS Solutions Ltd. is the one source that you can rely on for all your lubrication reliability needs. With our comprehensive line of high-performance lubricants including industrial oils, extreme pressure greases, food grade lubricants, gear oils, open gear lubricants, synthetic lubricants, engine oils and many other lubricant and reliability solutions, we make it easy for you to take care of your company’s valuable assets while still growing the bottom line.

A trusted reliability partner to companies all over the UK, we manufacture and distribute our own high-performance lubricants, which are made of highly refined base oils and proprietary additives. These enhanced lubricants far exceed the performance of conventional lubricants in a wide variety of industrial and automotive applications. To complement our lubricant offering, we offer a full line of lubrication reliability products and services, including solutions for oil analysis, handling and transfer, contamination exclusion and training.

Specialist lubrication and maintenance support:

  • Planned, predictive and preventive focus
  • Scheduled lubrication activities
  • Machine rejuvenation
  • Project improvement work
  • Innovative lubrication solutions

Over 20 years of supporting challenging businesses:

  • Experience in a variety of demanding industries
  • Delivering measurable success in the toughest manufacturing environments
  • Diverse range of clients

Operating to the highest standards. With partners that bring assurance and the highest level of technical support.

Using technology to deliver exceptional results:

  • Online database of predictive maintenance results
  • Remote condition monitoring using wireless technology
  • Thermography
  • Vibration analysis

Using a scientific approach to deliver reliability in your business

Highest Standards



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